I’m Lora! I have been training on and off since my early 20's, but solidly for the last 4 years.
Over the past 3 years my sole focus has been on bodybuilding with 2 seasons of competitions completed so far.
One of the things I love the most about bodybuilding is how your physique will develop and will never look the same again through all of the different phases! It challenges you, test you and pushes you beyond limits you thought you were capable of. My hope for the future is to tailor a career towards the fitness industry, helping others achieve their goals, whilst continuing to explore my bodybuilding potential.
My most recent achievements in my own journey include winning the Miss Universe title in the Bikini Trained category, winning my pro card in the NFM UK federation and winning my first pro show.


 PCA Miss Universe Bikini Trained - 2023, GBO Pro, NFMUK Pro