Hi, I’m Georgia. I’ve been training for almost 9 years now, and working in the fitness industry for 8 of those. It all started for me when I walked into a CrossFit gym, as a shy, slightly overweight, and very unconfident teenager…but within a few sessions I was hooked, and entered my first beginner’s competition 6 months later!

From there, I built up to competing internationally, and made it all the way to the biggest stage in CrossFit - competing on a team at the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in 2021. Other places I’ve competed include Miami, Berlin, Paris and Athens. This year I competed as part of another team at the European CrossFit Semifinals in Berlin.

Over the last few months I’ve dipped my toes into Olympic weightlifting and have managed to qualify for the British Weightlifting Championships - so that’s what my training is geared towards right now.

Both training and nutrition has completely changed my life, which is why I spend most of the time that I’m not training working on my coaching business where I help others transform their own lives through health, fitness and good nutrition.

And when I’m not training or coaching, I’m eating, learning, or chilling with my golden retriever puppy!