I’m Sarah, a Natural Bodybuilder currently on the journey of growing from the Bikini to the Figure class.
I competed for the first time in 2022, and won my first Overall Champion & British Champion Titles with WNBF UK. I then travelled to compete at WNBF World's in LA as the GB Team Captain, placing 6th in Bikini.
Since then, I have started a long off season to invest in growing into the Figure class.
I host & manage the WNBF UK Podcast which highlights the stories and advice of the best Natural Bodybuilders in the UK. You'll see me during my off season this year MC'ing WNBF UK events and cheerleading everyone backstage!
I have been strength training for over 8 years now, and training for competitive bodybuilding specifically for over 3 years. I have a qualification in Nutrition but have a professional career outside of the fitness industry.
I am incredibly passionate about the sport of Natural Bodybuilding and I grab every opportunity to help build community within the sport. I do this through my work with CNP, WNBF UK & sharing my personal journey on Instagram.


Natural Figure Athlete - 2022 WNBF UK First Timers & Novice Overall Bikini Champion, 2022 WNBF UK British Bikini Champion, 2022 WNBF World's GB Team Captain