What’s up guys I’m Jon aka the Fantastic Mr Fox!

I’ve worked in the fitness industry now for 12+ years now, everything from a membership sales person, Manager of gyms, to my main passion & bread and butter which was Personal Training, which naturally led to Online coaching of which I still run my company now.

I competed as a natural bodybuilder for many years, winning multiple titles during this time, and loved everything about bodybuilding. Yes, even the sparkly pants & tan! But after years of competing, I realised I get more fulfilment from helping others reaching their goals so have stepped away from the stage myself to focus on coaching/helping others both on and off the stage.

Beyond a love for bodybuilding, I just love training & exercising which I know may sound so simple to some, but I just love being in the gym, pushing myself and working to improve even by 1% each day. Which is why I have recently adapted to my training to that more of a functional focus, aiming to become the best hybrid athlete on planet earth pretty much, but also reap the benefits of exercise for my mental health, given the things I suffer with and that affect me day to day.
Outside of the gym, I’m a huge anime fan, and superhero geek, and tbh I’m just one big creative so spend my life making content, skits, writing music, and anything that involves me thinking outside of the box & just creating. Follow me along this weird and wonderful journey as I pretty much try to become a superhuman, and who knows you may even see me at a Crossfit competition in the near future!